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Technical meeting
Monday, 01 August 2011

IMG_6158.JPGThe technical meeting of the first stage of Women’s Grand Prix took place in the press conference hall at 9.30pm following the Opening ceremony. The Chief Arbiter Mr Igor Bolotinsky, the CEO of FIDE, Mr. Geoffrey Borg and the players discussed the regulations and the tournament conditions of the Women Grand Prix.

The Chief Arbiter Igor Bolotinsky drew the attention of the participants to the “no-draw offer” which means that  players will not be allowed to offer draws directly to their opponents. Any draw claim will be permitted only through the chief arbiter in the cases of the triple-repetition of the position, perpetual check, in case of theoretically drawn position and the 50 moves rule.  He also reminded "zero tolerance" rule which require chess players to be seated at their boards when the games are scheduled to start.  

Mr. Borg explained that only if there is a need the Chief Arbiter can consult the FIDE Technical Adviser, GM Nona Gaprindashvili, before accepting any claim from a player for a draw. She will be addressed by the Chief Arbiter only in case if there is a need of her advise, otherwise the final decision is taken by the Chief Arbiter. 

  Mr. Borg proposed Alexandra Kosteniuk and Koneru Humpy as members of  the Appeal’s Committee and if there is any conflict in any of the games, then he suggests nominating Elina Danielian and Antoaneta Stefanova.  Professor Vanik Zakharian is the Chairman of the Appeals Committee. There was no objection from the side of the players and the technical meeting was ended. 


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