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Round 5. Press Conference
Sunday, 07 August 2011
IMG_7253.jpgKateryna Lahno - Elina Danielian

Anastasia: the game Ekaterina LAhno - Elina Danielian has been finished. Ekaterina Lahno won with black. My first question is to Katya. How was today's game developing for you? When was the moment you managed to take an advantage?

Ekaterina: The position was very complicated with the chances for both opponents. I am not sure I can estimate it correctly. We both had few time. Elina made a rough mistake and I managed to take an initiative. Elina sacrificed a pawn, which, to my mind, was not correct. I think I underestimated a bit the possible threats. It seemed to me that White could have moved Qf7 after Bg2. I still don't estimate this position quite well.

Elina: it seemed to me that after sacrificing a pawn on e2, I got an interesting play. That is why I chose this line. I also think that Ng7 is not a good move, she should have played Ne7. Anyway this pawn sacrifice was very interesting. I am not sure about the move Qf7, I did not like it so much due to Re7. Probably I made a wrong move Qf3. In the time trouble I started to give out the material as usual. I think I did something wrong. I should have played Ne4 at some point instead of Qf3. I think White had good chances but there was not enough time and as usual I chose the worst variation (laughing).

Anastasia: coming back to yesterday's rest day. Please share your impressions, how did you spend time? Did you like it?

Elina: we had a very good time. Everything was prepared in a family way. Noone was tense, everyone was just relaxing.

Ekaterina: the rest day programme was planned perfectly. We abstracted from chess, but the day was not overloaded. We visited a very interesting museum, some other places of sightseeing. Later we had lunch at one of the very good restaurants of Rostov. In general we had good rest, relaxed, did not get tired at all. All the preferences of a chess player was taken into account.

Nadezhda Kosintseva - Hou Yifan

Anastasia: The game Nadezhda Kosintseva - Hou Yifan was drawn. You played quite quickly in the opening, you almost did not think over any move. Did you play according to your home preparation?

Yifan: Actually I think Nadezhda played this in the World Team Championship not so long ago and I remember her playing this position. I think in that game it was a draw in the end and in our game it was more complicated, She had two passed pawns and my pawn was in the center, it was a little bit dangerous but still I think this position was okey for me.

The ending looked equal, but then I think her two passed pawns made her position little bit stronger, however, when I changed b pawn to h pawn - it is drawish. I don't know exactly if she could improve her position.

Anastasia: Nadezhda, how can you comment the game? It seemed that in the opening it took you more time to think than Yifan...were you frightened by your opponent's home preparation?

Nadezhda: I think that for sure she was preparing this position, because this line is very dangerous and it is not easy to go for it without preparation. Frankly speaking, I forgot those sharp lines and did not remember the exact moves order, that is why I spent much time for recollections for nothing. Then when we started the play I was not sure whether it was the right way for black to play, who was the first to avoid the line, I could not remember it...However, at least I liked my position and it seemed to me that it was more dangerous to play Black and, on the other hand, Chinese chess players stick to such a style where they like such positions in which precise moves is the furst consideration both from Black and White. I blundered a move Qе1 and I was still lucky that I found moves Qh8 and Qс3, otherwise there would have been a mate, and after the exchange we got an equal endgame. I don't think that I had enough material to play for the winning position in this endgame.

Ekaterina Kovalevskaya - Tatiana Kosintseva

Tatiana: Already the first move е4 was unexpected for me, because lately Katya mainly plays English opening c4 and I was preparing for it more than for anything else. As a result we got a rare variation of the closed Sicilian Defense. To my mind, we got some kind of a combination that resulted in an approximately equal position as it seemed to me. When White played Bd5-Bd5-Nh3, of course, Black already started playing for win, because bishop on d5 is strong and the White's King is weak. Black might have a more pleasant position due to their activity, the pawn on с3 is weak, but effectively there should be equality.  

Anastasia: What do you think, Ekaterina?

Ekaterina: I absolutely agree with Tanya, I simply did not see the move f5. It became a terrible revelation for me. Once again White tricked themselves. I did not want to use the Queen's position on h6.

Anastasia: Did you manage to get any rest on the free day and did you like everything?

Tatiana: This day was really fruitful, the organizers arranged a large excursion program. We were taken to the natural history museum, then we learned a lot after visiting the sport complex. Indeed we managed to somehow relax on the rest day. Generally everything went very well.

Anastasia: Ekaterina, this is your home town, but still, how did you find this rest day? Did you visit the museum yesterday?

Ekaterina: I was not there yesterday because I visited it about 15 times before (laughing). If I went there yesterday, that would be too much.

Anastasia: Where did you disappear yesterday?

Ekaterina: One can always find where to go in the native town.

Ruan Lufei - Alisa Galliamova

Anastasia: how was your preparation to today's game? You managed to materialize what have been planned? How did today's game develop?

Alisa: Again I guessed which move my opponent would make in the opening. Ruan did not play the move dc before she used to play Bf5. I asked my coach to check the new line but he assured me that Ruan would not play it. In the game she played exactly what I was expecting but did not prepare. As usually I was left without a material but fortunately Ruan gave me back the material right away later, though she could keep this pawn. Later on I was playing not badly and I think I fully overplayed my opponent. At the end I had too long realization. Though I did not have a lot of time and was converting my advantage to the full point not very well. On my opinion Re5 should be played, instead of Re3. Taking away her rook my opponent got a loosing position. During the game I had two bishops advantage and it was comfortable for me to play this position. But usually it is always difficult to play a good position. You should find precise moves. Fortunately I was playing well and my opponent helped me a bit. By the way many of my pawns were taken during this game, I got tired of that. I will not give my pawns in the next game, for sure (laughing). Though I should agree that one plays much more better without a material.

Anastasia: Ruan, was it your home preparation, taking the pawn on dc?

Ruan: Actually I did not prepare this move. But I knew that my opponent would be ready for Bf5 and I wanted to change something. So, I played a line I did not play before. Actually I am satisfied with the opening. I think my mistake was that I should not play Nc5. To say the truth I was preparing to play either Bd6 or Nb4. I really don't know how it happened that I played Nc5. After this I think the position was worth for me. Second mistake was Kc7 to my mind. I should have tried Na4.  I thought it was not dangerous, but at the end it turned out to be a very strong move.

Anastasia: thank you, ladies. share your impression on the rest day.

Alisa: We did not join the excursion organized by the organizers. On the recommendations of the hotel's employee we decided to find the river embankment. We had a long explanade, up and down. I did not walk that much for a long time, so I felt very tired. That is why I don't feel well today, it was very hard physical pressure.

Ruan: I like visiting museums. So I am happy that the organizers have prepared an excursion to one of the museums on our free day. I could see something different. Also we were taken to a good restaurant where we had a good lunch. So, we had nice time and managed to relax.

Antoatena Stefanova - Anna Muzychuk

Anastasia: I thought that after the opening your position was better again or maybe I am mistaken?

Antoaneta: It should be better, because somehow I was better developed. Ok, I had problems with doubled pawns, at the same time I had my rooks active, so I guess at some point my position should be winning, but it looks it is not possible for me to win here any game (laughing) no matter how good my position is.

I went to this long line with f4 and staff like that, it is just that I miscalculated, because after King f1 I was thinking to play Knight e3 check, bishop takes, Rook d1, king takes g2, rook takes h1, and here I was thinking Bc5 Rc1 Bb4, Rc2 and b6 - I was thinking that I had very good chances to win this position. I missed that there was Bd2 and that I can not take two pawns too fast. So, then I had to go to this endgame which is probably unclear, but before that maybe after c4 I had to go knight c6 back how Anna pointed out after the game. So, I don't know, It was looking very good, but somehow it was not a clear break.
  You received a good position in the opening,so was it the metter of your hard preparation on the rest day?

Antoaneta: Rest days are always good ones (laughing).

Anastasia: Anna, what are your estimations?

Anna: I played some line that I played long time ago. It seems that Antoaneta also prepared it. Anyway, I think it is impossible to play like this, because to get such positions from the opening is just like a disaster. I didn't like my position and I spent a lot of time. After I played c4, because she was threatening knight b4... Then there was an interesting knight endgame and the position looked better than it was before, so I was already happy about that. Anyway I was fighting for a draw until the very end and I had to find some precise moves to make it.

Anastasia: What did you do on the rest day? You escaped from the excursion as well...

Anna: I was going to attend it, but I woke up 10 minutes before the appointment and it was too late. So I decided to walk a bit around the city. I visited some parks and also prepared for the game of today.

Humpy Koneru - Alexandra Kosteniuk

Humpy: I think that after 24. … Nf4 и 26. … h5  I had a very nice position. After this it was obviously better, but at some moment I miscalculated something. Most probably instead of move 33. … gf I should have started from move 33. … Nf4. In the endgame It seemed to me that the position could have been equal. Instead of move 45. Rg1, I think that my opponent should have played 45. Rxa4 bxa4 46. Ke2 and after 46. … Rxf3 the rooks ending is drawish. After this I had an obvious advantage and after move 46. Be4 White was loosing. I saw that instead of queens exchange I could have gone 40. … Kf6, and now I guess that it would have been stronger, however, it seemed to me in the game that after the queens exchange I had a big advantage.
Alexandra: I liked my position after the opening. I think I should have played 28. b4 instead of the move 28. Bd1 preventing the King from taking c5. It seemed to me that my position was better at that moment because I had a clear plan – Bd1 и Ne2. Black pieces were passive. However, I played not very well and of course after f5 Black had an advantage. In the endgame I tried to calculate the following line: when I played 45. Rg1 – Kf8 I wanted to take 46. Ra4 and to play the rooks ending that seemed drawish to me. It seemed to me that I could have had enough compensation in the position that I chose. I did not see 47. …Rg3+, I blundered.

Humpy: everything was perfect, I like it in the museum very much, I was impressed by the hospitality of those who prepared this rest day for us and the weather was nice. I felt relaxed.

Alexandra: I also liked our trip, it is always nice to make a break during the tournament.

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