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Round 2 press conference
Wednesday, 03 August 2011
06.jpgRuan Lufei (2479) - Danielian Elina (2521)

Lufei: I think I'm very lucky today. On the first time control I thought it was not winning I had just slightly better position but I didn't see any winning plan. Later on my opponent made a mistake by playing 28...hg. After that I might have had slight chances to win. I didn't have much time before the first time control but I didn't have any chance to lose and I didn't need any time for the last moves. At the end she had a lack of time, so I tried to press as much as I could.

Of course it's really good here, I would say it's nearly perfect, including the room and service. So I'm very happy to be here. It's my first time here in Rostov-on-Don. I haven't been to Russia for nearly 3 years because I didn't participate in many tournaments last years. I came back and I see everything is new.

Elina: I was satisfied with the opening – I had black pieces today and equalised easily. Under the time pressure I just blundered by playing 40...Nc6. I think the position was equal at that moment. I just had to play 40...Kd7 instead.


Taking into account that it’s the first tournament of such a level held in Rostov-on-Don, everything is perfect. On the first day I had a chance to walk around the city with my friend Ekaterina Kovalevskaya and I'm looking forward to the free day hoping to enjoy it.

Kovalevskaya Ekaterina - Kosintseva NadezhdaIMG_6520.jpg

Ekaterina: The thing is I was sure that at the beginning I made a castling first and when I realised that instead of it I just played Bb2 I was shocked. I understood that my position was already worse but it was not necessary to lose it. Everything went not that bad and though the position was slightly weaker. Black had to make a lot of efforts to convert it into a point. However I was so upset that I let myself go and here you are - the move Ng5. One might say that emotions prevailed but this is exactly where women differ from men. Nadya reanimated my position and instead of winning with one move, she decided to struggle more. I think that move g6 terminated the game.

Anastasia: Nadya, do you agree that you could have won at that moment?

Nadezhda: I realised only after the game that move g6 was winning, but I did not see it during the game and somehow this move absolutely slipped out of my mind and I played in a different way. I had a feeling I should give a check as if I was playing checkers (laughing). 

Anastasia: please can you share your impressions with us on the organization and the hotel. How do you like it here?

Nadezhda: It is my first time in Rostov-on-Don as well as the first participation in Grand Prix. I can say that the tournament is organised on a high level. Both hotel and catering - all conditions are perfect and unfortunately It is rare for women tournaments. I am very glad that the women's event of this level is held in Rostov-on-Don, in Russia - in my motherland.

Ekaterina: No doubt I like everything. I am very happy to host this tournament in my home city. I combine pleasant with useful playing chess and spending time with my numerous friends here. I am proud of the fact that Grand Prix is taking place here and it is organised on the highest level. I do hope that girls like it here too.    

Kosintseva Tatiana - Muzychuk AnnaIMG_6494.jpg

Anna: I played the Dragon Variation in the Sicilian Defense. I think that Tanya was not ready for this because I usually don't play this variation. That is why she lost a lot of time. But it seems to me that she played well in the opening and managed to get the position where Black had a hard time to play. Then I even had to sacrifice a pawn in order to get the compensation. I think that Bb2 is a new move, because before we used to play Bg7 and Bf6. However, I think there is nothing more than equality there. 

Tatiana: yes, I really did not expect it, I looked at Anna's games in the base, but I did not see her play this variation ever. At one moment my position was better but one should play precisely. I won a pawn, but Black always had compensation due to a couple of bishops and open character of the position. It became equal after queens exchange. We entered the opposite color bishops position that resulted in a draw. I refused from the repetition beacsue I felt that the position of White was good. I didn’t have much time at that moment but still decided to continue playing.

Anna: the tournament is organized on a rather high level - we have nice rooms and food. However it is a little hot in the playing hall. I have not yet left the hotel and I hope to do it.

Tatiana: I agree that the organization is perfect. I managed to take a walk in the city center and in the park after the games.   

Lahno Kateryna - Kosteniuk AlexandraIMG_6512.jpg

Anastasia: can you share your impressions on the game with us. It seems that White had an obvious advantage?

Kateryna: yes, it was the case but I cannot say how big it was. To my mind it was rather big, but advantage is not the victory yet. More likely I should have played bс after Nb5. I saw this continuation but at that moment I decided that it was better to play in another way and win the game comfortably, however, I underestimated Alexandra's move Bd7. I thought that I would make a mate by playing Qh5, Rd1, Bd4. But after Bd7 I had a completely new play with new chances, however, everything did not go in the way I would like to.

Alexandra: yes, I agree that Katya had a rather big advantage. And still maybe the move bс was more correct. After the move Bd7 I still thought White to have an advantage. In fact, the draw today is the biggest of my dreams. After Qh4 I understood that draw was provided for me. There were no more threats and though my structure was bad but the pieces activity was high.

Anastasia: Girls, how do you like the tournament's organisation?

Alexandra: to my mind, the tournament is organised on a high level, perfect hotel and wonderful playing hall. Also I appreciate the fact that the hotel is situated in the center surrounded by many green parks. For instance, in Tbilisi the hotel was also very good, but there was no place to walk that is very important for chess players. I have already taken an opportunity to go for a walk around the city. I like everything here. 

Kateryna: So do I. I share Alexandra's opinion. The organisers did their utmost to make us feel at home. All the conditions to play are provided. I already had time to leave the hotel, but I had to return soon because it was too hot outside. I like everything here and look forward to the excursions that already roused our curiosity.          

Antoanetta Stefanova - Humpy Koneru05.jpg

Anastasia:  Etti, you seem to be very tired after these one hundred moves. You were in fighting mood today, aren't you? And your impression on the organization and the city?

Antoaneta: Yes, it was a long game (laughing). After not winning what I had to win yesterday, playing again white today I was hoping to make at least plus one. But it did not happen, it was complicated game. At one point the position seemed to be equal, then it became a slightly better for me. And later on it became more complicated again. After the game Humpy told me that probably I was winning by playing Rc6, I don't know, maybe she is right, I have to check it with my computer. Obviously during the game I was thinking about this move but probably not in that moment. I felt that I have to be better somehow but I did not find anything. For me the endgame looked drawish, but I still had to continue playing. I was trying my best. Anyway Humpy has very good technique. I did not think that I had good chances to win against her but of course I wanted to try. It was not an easy draw. 

This is my first time in Rostov. Until now I did not had any chances to go around the city. I am looking forward for the free day. I wish I could go sightseeing. My great grandfather is from this region, he was Don kozak. He was in the White army and immigrated to Bulgaria in year of 1920. So, I am a kind of being connected with this place. Maybe I even have some relatives here. Of course the connection was lost because of these difficult years after the war. I hope that I have someone here and we could be in touch. My great grandfather's name was Georgy Vasilievich Zub. Let's see, maybe I will find my relatives here.

Humpy: It was normal line with Rc1. I think after the opening we had an equal position. I tried to complicate it by playing B6 and Re6. At some point I felt that black was doing well. But I did not like move Qd7. Instead of that I should have played Bc7. After she regrouped her knight I think she had slightly better position. She should have played Rc6 in one moment but I think she missed this move. I think it could be winning for white after this move. It was a very long game. But a rook ending was drawish. I was playing black today so I am satisfied with today's result. 

As for my impression about the city, I have not been anywhere in the city yet. I arrived just before the Opening ceremony, so I did not have time. Probably I will see everything on the rest day.

Galliamova - Hou

Alisa: In the opening I made a mistake by playing d5. Afterwards I thought I would have a chance to play Be7 instead of Qd7 but it would not have saved the game, because I think Be7 is not good due to the white answer knight f5.

Yifan: I was surprised when my opponent played d5. I’m not sure but I think it was not very good for her. Instead she could choose such move as Nd7.

Yifan: concerning organization I can say that everything is fine here at the moment. Hotel is very nice. I had a chance to walk a bit and can say that it's very fresh here compare to China . Beijing is very hot these days, so I'm enjoying the weather here. It's my first time to be in Rostov and I hope I'll have other opportunities to come back to city.
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