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Interview with Kosintseva sisters
Thursday, 04 August 2011
IMG_6640.jpgAnastasia: The game between Kosintseva sisters ended unexpectedly…

Tatyana: All our games end with a draw. To say the truth last time when we played at the World Blitz Championship against each other, we decided to play because it was a blitz. We were interested to see what will happen. As a result we had 1:1. I won one game and Nadya won 1 game as well, so we anyway had an equal score. But we don’t play against each other in classical chess.

Anastasia: I remember in 1997 you had a resultative game. Who won at that time?

Nadezhda: Yes, right, it happened at the Championship U-12 in St. Petersburg.

Tatyana: Nadya won at that time.

Anastasia: What has been changed since then?

Nadezhda: In fact we have ever played only two games against each other: that Russian Championship U-12 in Petersburg and another Russian Championship U-20. At the Championship U-20 we were outsiders, both of us had few points. A draw would have not changed the situation. We decided that probably one of us would have had another chance to fight for better place and prize. As a result, as far as I remember, we were playing a very long game and finished the last. Anyway we made a draw. After these agonies we decided that we will not play against each other anymore. We will sort things out at home and at the official tournaments a draw is a law. 
Anastasia: What if there would be a situation when a victory would guarantee the first place for one of you. Would you anyway make a draw or would you fight? If I am not mistaken there were such situations at the Russian championships…

Tatyana: We had this kind of situation at the last round of the Russian Superfinals. Nadya’s victory would have given her a chance to share the first place whereas my victory would have guaranteed me the third one. Finally we made a draw and Nadya became the second and I was the fourth. These situations happen and of course they are not pleasant especially when we play against each other in the last round.

Nadezhda: We think that if we have not managed to gain points in the first rounds or we have missed something, this is our own entire fault. Any result of our game would be anyway considered as prearranged, we are sisters after all. So a draw is a law. IMG_6633.jpg

Anastasia: what are you planning to do in this half-rest day?

Tatyana: we are not planning anything special. We will walk around the city. In fact it is a normal day for us, tomorrow is the next game. So, we should not relax.

Anastasia: you are traveling a lot. Where did you like most of all among your latest trips? Which country, city, maybe some there was the most memorable excursion in one of the rest days?

Nadezhda: Last time we were in China, just a few days before the start of this tournament. We remember one excursion most of all. The organizers took us to watch one of the popular water shows with a lightning and illumination in West Lake. It happened in the evening so everything was very beautiful and unusual. The producer of this show was a man who staged the Olympic Games opening ceremony. So you can imagine a scale of this show. This is what we remember from the latest trips.

Anastasia: what are you expecting from the rest day here?

Tatyana: They say it will be a fascinating and intense day. We are very interested what the organizers have prepared for us.

Anastasia: Coming back to our tournament: how do you estimate your chances and who of the participants you see as favorites?

IMG_6628.jpgNadezhda: The tournament has just started; an intrigue is ahead as it happens in all women’s tournaments. Everything will be decided in the last rounds, most probably in the final one. In fact, it is very difficult to name the favorites, especially in the women’s tournaments. I think all participants can show good results under the condition of a wish and good shape. I think the attention of the observers would be attracted and an intrigue would be developed.

Anastasia: Tanya, what is your opinion?

Tatyana: I also think that everything is just starting. Today is the third round, a real fight is ahead. The truth is that Hou Yifan has gained the lead, she has 2/2. In fact all the games are interesting and complicated. All participants have set themselves to fight. As Nadya said everything will be decided in the last rounds. Everybody will meet each other at the chess board. Everything will be defined at the end.

Anastasia: the last but not the least question: are you superstitious?

Nadezhda: Probably every chess player has some traditions and superstitions. For instance some prefer to come to the games in one and the same outfit. Maybe I had the same superstitions at some stage. Now it went on the back burner. I don’t have any favorite pen, no lucky amulet, and no pencil. It is difficult to say; most probably I try to stick to a regime: I wake up early, get ready to a game. Nothing special, like all other chess players.

Anastasia: Tanya, what about you?

Tatyana: I agree with Nadya: most probably we were superstitious before. It is not topical now. The most important now is to concentrate before a game. As Nadya said the most important for us is to stick to a regime which is defined by every single chess player.
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